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Friday, February 24, 2012

''Contest Give And Take By Nana & Tyna''

assalammualaikum kawan2 ;)
eh eh eh. baca title entry aku kali ni. its about contest darling.
yeahhh, my first time ever joined contest2 bagai ni.
before this, pernah la jugak di-invite join contest.. tapi aku kan baru lagi dalam blogging ni, so segan laaaa nak join contest blogger yg hebak2 belaka ni ;)
and this time, owner contest ni jemput aku join contest yg super simple ni sebab tak banyak pun rules and regulation-nya. hehe. thank you cik tyna ohsemm ;D
eh eh eh.. ada lagi sorang owner contest ni, her housemate that is cik nana yg ohsemm jugak =)
you all nak join? click saja banner kat atas ni *,*
okay, here my memories picture. aku pertaruhkan pic ni. \cehhh,pertaruh konon/
rulesnya kena masukkan pic BFF. but for me, my exclassmates (KBM 1,2,3C) are super ohsemmm and sporting and nice to me. eventhough ada jugak laa crisis here and there but i dont want to care laaaa. bak kata pepatah, asam garam kehidupan letteewww \cewaaahh/.
seriously i missed to have fun with them. ohmaiiii =___=
so, for me all of them are my BFF eventhough for them is vice versa. hihihi +,+
i tag you darling :
and YOU =)