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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

are you ready to LOL-ing?

assalammualaikum semuaaaaa :)
annyeonghaseyeo ! we meet again ! yeahhhh :D
our top on the top blogger, akak FATIN LIYANA kita already blogged about "kenapa kita harus bagi k-pop peluang?". this is very nice entry!
first thing first, click the link and read by your own, arasso?
sooooo, this post gonna tell you some of true facts for who are being 
kpop-ers fans. no biggy deals, just for us to LOL-ing some true facts of K-pop.
nimen junbi le ma? are you ready to LOL-ing? ready? okay.. lets start now !! ;p


once you enter the kpop zone, there is no way to exit ! 
just like this !
                                                                                                                      this is sooo true because this happened to me !
     u want to see it? pic below is mine \screen capture/

mine ! same right? ;p

i have! i have! her name is tatie ! teheee ^^


indeed. because the k-pop idols need to go through for a long time training period. really hard. u will know it if you watch their training video. but but but, i cant make my dream come true .....

muahaha. the dream without usaha is nothing ! firstly, i need to finish my homework to make my dream plan to success. LOL =P

there is too many members, so each member will get so little tiny lines in a song. just imagine  how 13 members of Super Junior divided the lines for their songs? even they get little line but they just accept & enjoy it becoz they know it that will happen.  LOL ;D
true! true! true! they just into it because sometime they know the type based on person behavior. mine is O ! and you?

 zac efron become more mature and macho after 6 years but u see that? 
our sungmin oppa become too cute and just like a teens even though he is 29y/o this year. different right? LOL ;P

 the hair colour just like the food ! LOL-ing !!!



indeed. if u are the kpop fans, u will agree with me. i caught you =p
what a coincidence! this is my group bias ! ouhhh my super junior oppasssss ! but i have to be a normal girls fan for this time because i do like justin bieber becoz he is too ohseeemmmmm ! i'm being fair. LOL !

 last but not least, this is for antis and haters

muahahaha. K-pop is the world wide trend right now and for the time being. we can enjoy it as long as we dont make the K-pops idols or any other artists as our idola because we as a Muslim already has our idola which is Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. remember this ! 

see you next time ! annyeong ! =p

Thursday, December 27, 2012

selepas 3 bulan??? @_@

assalammualaikum w.b.t

finally, i'm back with close my rabun-ness eyes :P

countdown please to greet uolls beautifully with open eyes 0.0



tadaaaaaa ! i is very the happy to meet uolls again after a long hiatus ! ecehhh ;p

huwarghhh, such a LONG time \a very long long long time/ i'm not posting anything in this belog. uolls semua sihat? iolls pun terlebih sihat jugak. kk^^
i dont even know why why why i am being too lazy to write and post anything. heeee. :D
what to write, darling? i have no idea to type. kkk^^
ohhh and ohhh, currently i'm on study week for 2 weeks. hoyeahhh. holidayyyy baby !
my first paper will be on 8th jan 2013 which is lambatttt lagi \ya kaaa lambat? really? jhingja? sure? :D/ so, i is relax relax relax at home ! muahaha. betol2 manfaatkan cuti ! 
tapi tabiat lagha ini sangatlah tak sihat utk student so, lets change safwani ! go, start your revision ! revise all the 5 subjects that you took! go ! errrrrr >_________<
alright toodlers! i'm going to start my revision right now! 
yes, i really want to do it right now but can i just do it tomorrow? muehehe ;p

okay friend, let have a pinky promise to have a date again for the next post even though i dont know when.. keke^^ see you next time ! <3

yessss, kyu oppa will welcoming uolls who read this post with his sleepy eyes !