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Thursday, December 27, 2012

selepas 3 bulan??? @_@

assalammualaikum w.b.t

finally, i'm back with close my rabun-ness eyes :P

countdown please to greet uolls beautifully with open eyes 0.0



tadaaaaaa ! i is very the happy to meet uolls again after a long hiatus ! ecehhh ;p

huwarghhh, such a LONG time \a very long long long time/ i'm not posting anything in this belog. uolls semua sihat? iolls pun terlebih sihat jugak. kk^^
i dont even know why why why i am being too lazy to write and post anything. heeee. :D
what to write, darling? i have no idea to type. kkk^^
ohhh and ohhh, currently i'm on study week for 2 weeks. hoyeahhh. holidayyyy baby !
my first paper will be on 8th jan 2013 which is lambatttt lagi \ya kaaa lambat? really? jhingja? sure? :D/ so, i is relax relax relax at home ! muahaha. betol2 manfaatkan cuti ! 
tapi tabiat lagha ini sangatlah tak sihat utk student so, lets change safwani ! go, start your revision ! revise all the 5 subjects that you took! go ! errrrrr >_________<
alright toodlers! i'm going to start my revision right now! 
yes, i really want to do it right now but can i just do it tomorrow? muehehe ;p

okay friend, let have a pinky promise to have a date again for the next post even though i dont know when.. keke^^ see you next time ! <3

yessss, kyu oppa will welcoming uolls who read this post with his sleepy eyes !


Syuhada Nasya said...

gudluck :)

Anonymous said...

rindu la. teringin nak jumpa ang weyh :)