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Thursday, March 24, 2011

..saja nak mgedik post lagi... :D

kali ni i nak perkenalkan mereka2 yg tahan dgn perangai i yg sgt terBAEK ni... lets meet them :D
here u go .. my heart my soul .. ABAH & MAMA.. i knew that im always hurt ur feeling.. sorry abah mama >,< .. am trying to be a solehah daughter.. INSYAALLAH.. :)
my big brother .. nor zairi .. garang kan muka dia ?? grrrr >,<
my gedik sis ... :p nor hirdawati.. her name like indonesian right ? :P miss u sis
my lil brother.. zulfikar a.k.a mamat.. his small right? but he played tomoi.. watch out! ngee :D
wif besties : nurul izzatie n nur syazwani a.k.a taty n wanie .. .. love them.. awwww <3
fatin nadhrah.. my schoolmate :) cute kan ? :)
who is this ? do i know him ? errr,,, no komen .. HAHA :D
*get well soon !*


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